Through the H.E.L.P program, the Addison Fire District brings together a caring community of those who need the equipment and the generous community member who donate to the program. We can continue to server persons who are able to recover or convalesce in the privacy of their own residence, thus preserving their respect and dignity during a time of personal need.

Who is eligible to borrow equipment:

  • Anyone recovering from an injury or surgery.
  • Anyone wanting to try the equipment before buying it.
  • Anyone waiting for insurance coverage approval.
  • Anyone helping a friend or relative accept the idea of using equipment.
  • Anyone ill who needs a piece of equipment.
  • Any visitor to the area who may not be able to transport your own equipment.

How to borrow medical equipment:

  • Talk to your doctor or therapist if you have questions on specific needs.
  • Determine what you need, including size, special features, etc.
  • Used the contact information below to inquire about list of available medical equipment, to pick up/drop off donate a piece of medical equipment, or any other information regarding the H.E.L.P program availability.
The equipment available from the Addison Fire District is provided free of charge, without cost to the patient, their family members, or caregivers.

The District accepts and loans the following equipment items:

  • Walkers of all types
  • Crutches
  • Reachers
  • Tub benches
  • Canes
  • Wheelchairs

Appointments for equipment pick up and drop off are required:

To schedule please contact the Addison Fire Office at (630) 628-3100 option 9, during business hours, M-F from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM or email:

Download HELP Brochure